Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos

The next Helldivers 2 Warbond, Viper Commandos, lands on June 13. It’s packed with the usual assortment of Helldivers 2 goodies, including a new primary weapon (AR-23A Liberator Carbine), a new secondary weapon (SG-22 Bushwhacker), a throwing knife, new capes, vehicle customizations, and more. Let’s take a peek at the trailer.

The release of Viper Commandos also kicks off developer Arrowhead’s new approach to designing and releasing future Warbonds. In a blog post, the team explained they are listening to feedback from the community and have decided they are “slowing the pace that we release Warbonds to allow a little more time to polish these designs before they’re released.” 

Before, Helldivers 2 saw a new Warbond on the second Thursday of every month. That release schedule will now change. There is no word yet on how long fans will be waiting, but the developers promised to confirm a new timeframe soon. 

Arrowhead also explained they want to have “stronger theming” with Warbonds, starting with Viper Commandos. What does that mean exactly? Think better weapons, items, armor, etc.

“It’s time to focus on quality over quantity. When we started researching items for Viper Commandos, we wanted to be sure we answered our player calls for stronger theming that coordinates across all the items, more emotes, unique armor passives, and more thoughtful designs rather than simply giving more of the same.

So, Arrowhead will slow down the release of Warbonds, but we should see much better quality in them going forward. Some of the newer guns did feel too much like the other guns with just different visual cues. Hopefully, this extra development time means more unique weapons and armor. And better balancing around what’s already in the game. 

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