Watch a Weather Balloon Catch an Airbus A319 Flyby
weather balloon captures audio of airbus flyby

Ever looked out the window of an Airbus at 38,000 feet and wondered; what does it look like from the outside? No? Same here, but luckily the folks at OLHZN High Altitude Balloons not only captured incredible video but the audio as well. Hell yeah, now we know why Maverick always requested flybys.

That is cool as hell. Captured on GoPro, the company has released a statement for the people wondering about the safety of such a balloon launch.

All of our flights follow FAA Federal Aviation Regulation requirements outlined in FAR Section 101 to ensure safe operations. A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) is issued prior to launch and coordination is performed with the FAA Tactical Operations Support Group, Rochester NY Flight Standards District Office, Air Traffic Control facilities and local airports to ensure safe operations.

Over 500,000 high altitude weather balloons are launched across the globe each year. Most are for government meteorological or research purposes, but nearly 3,000 amateur flights are also conducted every year. Although high altitude weather balloon launches can provide valuable results, care must be taken to abide by the governing laws and regulations to ensure weather balloon safety for aircraft and those that may be impacted by the launch and landing.

Don’t worry; I give it a day or two before a major media outlet blames this on a drone. Because we all know a camera drone can hit 38,000ft. It’s what they do.

The audio is the coolest part and nice seeing the chemtrails seeding the sky. Poor Alex Jones. He has to be stressed out with the NASA’s fake clouds and seeing a demon Airbus seeding the atmosphere.

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