We are less than a week away from hearing a lot more about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. What will it be called? How much will it be? What will it look like that? On that last point, we have a tiny bit of info from a new Xbox video giving us another look at the Scorpio dev kit.

Xbox’s Larry Hryb makes two comments in the video talking about the physical differences between the dev kit and the retail unit coming later this year.

At 1:30 in the video – “I mean, physically it looks different. I see things on here that I haven’t seen on Project Scorpio, so can you walk us through some of the differences,” Hyrb asks Xbox Engineer Kevin Gammill.

Gammill dives into the spec differences. Obviously, the dev kit has more horsepower as devs target high and then tweak to get it running on retail units. There are four more CUs, 24 GBs of RAM and an extra 1TB SSD drive

At 2:08 in the video – “Kevin, the kit looks completely different from Project Scorpio. I see different buttons. I see a different display, some other things in the back here. What’s going on here,” Hryb asks Gammill.

Alright, here are the physical differences. The display on the front of the dev kit is likely gone on the retail version. As are the programmable buttons. These features are there to assist developers if they opt not to have monitors hooked up for every dev kit (as Gammill suggests in the video). Hryb also mentions devs using the front display to run mini-games. No word if it can run DOOM yet.

The back of the dev kit is almost identical to the retail version besides an extra network port for developing purposes.

Project Scorpio dev kit rear

Display. Yay or Nay?

My gut reaction to seeing the front display is I don’t want it. Just seems distracting. I remember hooking up my PS4 controller for the first time and thinking ‘damn that light bar is bright.’ I can see how it comes in handy for development, but I just don’t see what use a retail Xbox would have for a front facing display.

Do you see a point in having a front display on the Xbox One?

Six days until Microsoft’s E3 conference

It’s been hyped for a while. On Sunday, we get to see where the folks at Xbox are taking the platform for the next several years. They promise a beast of a machine. Do they have the games to back it up? What surprises are in store?

All eyes will be on Project Scorpio and its price, but I’ll be glued for new IP announcements. What will be the Xbox’s next Halo, Gears of War, Forza? I hope Sea of Thieves gets a big showing. All the footage I’ve seen on that looks great. And as much as everyone loves co-op, it could be Microsoft’s next big hit.

Also, what’s Phil Spencer and company doing to snag third-party deals? It seems like Sony has a stranglehold on those this year.

June might be a slow game release month, but we’ll have plenty to talk about thanks to E3. What games or announcements are you most pumped to see from Xbox?

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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