In June, Microsoft ditched the add-on as it aimed for price parity with the PS4. The results of a cheaper price were immediate. Sales of the Xbox One more than doubled according to Microsoft.

While it’s clear many championed the move to strip the Kinect, others may still want it. For those consumers, Microsoft is offering a stand-alone Kinect starting on October 7. The stand-alone Kinect also comes with Dance Central Spotlight, the latest popular dance game from Harmonix.

Dance Central Spotlight will be a digital download and comes with 10 tracks. You can check out the rest of the press release here as Microsoft hits the usual Kinect talking points.

I guess it’s cool Microsoft is giving people a chance to buy Kinect for those who don’t have one. But, if you want the Kinect, buy the $500 package. Dance Central Spotlight will retail for $9.99 when it releases on September 2. So, you end up paying $140 for the Kinect. Or $100 if you get the $500 package.

Dance Central Spotlight will be one of best games to try this year with your Kinect. Harmonix’s dancing titles have always lended themselves well to it.

Some developers who have supported Kinect in the past may take another look at that support, though. Now that not every system will have the add-on, developers and publishers won’t have as big a base of consumers to sell to. Others will continue supporting it. Fitness and dance games work best on Kinect and there’s still a market for it.


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