Epic Games did what we expect to see a lot more of. Jump into the Battle Royale genre fray. This morning, Epic announced the Fortnite community is 7 million strong.

Two important notes about this stat. First, the 7 million includes all of Fortnite. Not just the Battle Royale portion. Second, it’s free to play. High total numbers are to be expected. Active players over the next few months would be a better indicator of popularity. Still, there’s no denying Fortnite’s Battle Royale is off to a fast start.

But what are Epic’s plans to keep growing?

What’s next for Fortnite Battle Royale

The future for Fortnite took another step today with new features. Duos hits with today’s update along with a return of Supply Drops. Fans of Battle Royale games are used to both already. Supply Drops are random loot drops that are more likely to have better weapons.

Quick update: I’ll be adding the latest update news at the bottom of this post.

Epic also touched on weapon accuracy. Besides Sniper Rifles, weapons in Fortnite are hitscan. There’s no bullet travel time. No need to lead targets. Just point at them and shoot. The problem with hitscan guns is it promotes camping in a game like this. It’s an area Epic plans to tackle much more in future updates. They dive into that much more in a blog post. Bottom line, they want to weapons to fall more neatly into defined roles. And that’ll take more testing and feedback to get right.

“Our goal is to provide a competitive experience without losing our unique playstyle and crazy over-the-top moments that Fornite Battle Royale brings to the table,” Epic writes.

Epic isn’t offering a clear road map of Fortnite Battle Royale’s future yet, but we did get a big hint more updates are on the way. In a few weeks, Epic will spool up a PTR (test server) to test new features and get feedback before pushing changes live. Test servers are always a good idea and one we see implement more and more these days.

10/11/17 Patch update:

One of this week’s big features is a stat system. It backfills all your stats since launch, according to Epic. Other changes include tweaks to weapons and the ‘down but not out’ (DBNO) state. Here are the full patch notes.

Epic also added a ‘report’ button so you can report cheaters. And Epic isn’t messing around. They’re suing two alleged cheaters right now.

I’ll keep this post updated with all the new features coming to Fortnite Battle Royale as we learn them.

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