Curious about your Twitter reach? Twitter’s analytics tool is no longer restricted to advertisers and select users. Now, nearly everyone can see a variety of stats including retweets, follows, replies, hashtag clicks and favorites. Compare this month’s activity with last month’s activity and see how your tweets trend over time.

The tool is sure to get a lot of use from businesses and high-profile users. Finding out which tweets work best will improve engagement with users. Plus, better engagement across Twitter will attract more advertisers. It’s a win-win for the social media company.

You can also see how effective Twitter cards are. The image below is an example of a Twitter card.

twitter card

Basically, it’s any media below the 140 characters. In this case, a YouTube video. Other types of Twitter cards include photo, gallery, product and summary cards.

You can then compare how effective a tweet with a Twitter card is versus a basic tweet with a link.

Pretty much everyone can use it now, but there are a couple of requirements. The tweets need to be primarily in English, French, Japanese or Spanish. Your account should be at least 2 weeks old and it can’t violate Twitter’s policy.

The Twitter analytics tool does update in real-time as well. Head on over to and log-in to see how powerful you are in the Twittersphere.


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