Good news for WhatsApp power users. If you want to hear the voice of the person you are talking to, the app can handle that. The move for WhatsApp into voice has been a year in the making.

The Facebook-owned company first announced plans last February. In the past few months, Android users have seen the slow rollout, with select users getting the feature. Then it spread to any user who received a call from a WhatsApp user with voice calls unlocked.

What does version 2.12.19 include? Well, you get an extra tab beside Contacts and Chats called Calls. The three C’s of Whatsapp. Just don’t expect massive leaps in call clarity. Frankly, it kinda sucks. But, this is a new feature, and it will be improved upon.

If you have used FaceTime audio for calls, you know the call clarity is insane in LTE and WiFi areas. If you’re ever curious about what the person on the other line is doing, try it out. Just don’t judge me for pacing around.

whatsapp voice feature

For iOS, WhatsApp is borrowing the form letter normally reserved for Android users. You’re going to have to wait a few weeks.

WhatsApp Web Client

This was a blink and you missed it announcement. Emulating its competitors, the company launched a web client back in late January. It allows those laptop users among us to tab over to text.

Handy? Definitely. It was also a departure for what was once a mobile-only app. The move also proves talk of the desktop dying is overblown. Your phone may have some power, but it’s far off from being a desktop replacement.

Mobile Messaging and Voice

WhatsApp is completing a trend among mobile messaging apps. Adding voice. Viber, Line, Kakao Talk and now WhatsApp have all added voice to their core app.

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for $22 billion last year, some thought they were overpaying. Instead, what the tech company did was pay to future-proof itself. Whatsapp has one-billion installations and 700 million active users. Daily messages sent? How does 30 billion sound?

It may never monetize it to the extent Wall Street wants to see, but it definitely protects a flank of the company that undergoes near-constant technological shifts.

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