Friday came and went with no historical Total War announcement. It was a longshot based on Creative Assembly’s own comments, but many of us were holding out hope anyways. But Warhammer fans had plenty to cheer about.

It looks like Sega and Creative Assembly are going for a quick turnaround between announcement and release. A 2017 date is teased at the end of the trailer. Outside of an extremely short announcement/release window, that places a Total War: Warhammer 2 release date in the second half of the year. A release window a Total War game hasn’t seen since Medieval II: Total War came out in November 2006.

Most Total War games tend to come out between February and May.

The next historical Total War

11/8/17 UPDATE:

Total War: Rome II – Empire Divided is the title of the new historical Total War expansion. And it’s coming soon. Very soon. We will be knee deep in the crisis of the 3rd century on November 30th. Creative Assembly gives all the details about the expansion in a new blog post.

11/6/17 UPDATE:

It’s been about seven months since the last update, but Creative Assembly dropped this little tease today. “Is this the end of the empire? Or just the beginning,” Creative Assembly writes about Total War: Rome II. Yep, sign me the hell up!

Original article continues.

It’s coming. We don’t have an official name for it yet, or what period it’s set in – but Creative Assembly has said they are working on it. As of March 17th, the next historical Total War release is in full production “with the game design locked and asset creation fully underway,” according to the devs.

The small update continues:

“The game retains same strong focus on character design that infused previous major releases, with the key personalities of the period in particular being an early priority for us now.”

It sounds like development is progressing right along, but still too early to be revealed. We’ll probably see Total War: Warhammer 2 get out the door before we hear anything concrete about the next mainline Total War game. But I’m still holding out hope for a teaser around E3. Warhammer is great, but you just can’t top a historical Total War in my book.

Odds are we probably won’t hear about this one until 2018.

It will be fun to watch how the dev team takes features from the Warhammer game, especially the heroes/generals, and incorporate them into a historical game. Yeah, I know magic won’t be coming over – but I would like to see generals have a more distinct playstyle outside of rallying the troops.

Here’s a rough timeline of how development is going for the next historical Total War game.

December 2016 – The unannounced game is still in pre-production at this point with Creative Assembly partnering with a historical advisor on the period they have chosen. Full production was expected to get underway in the new year.

March 2017 – Full production is underway.

There was one intriguing nugget from the December update. Creative Assembly is looking into the possibility of releasing historical content before the next mainline title. They are “thinking about additional content or standalones for some of our more recent historical titles,” according to the update. But they also stress that nothing has been decided.

In the March update, Creative Assembly announced the formation of a new Total War team led by Project Lead Jack Lusted and members from the Rome II and Attila new content teams to dive further into this. Still no concrete details, but it’s starting to sound like we may see even more historical Total War content than we thought.

And with the mixed reaction from the Warhammer 2 trailer (it looks like a lot of historical fans downvoted the video), Creative Assembly has to be thinking hard about firing up historical content.

Bottom line? History fans have a lot to be excited about. Development of a new history-focused Total War game is well underway. And a new team is looking into the possibility of building on previous historical Total War games via more DLC or standalone releases. I’ll take a new standalone for Medieval II with spruced up graphics.

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