Here we sit in April and Nikon has yet to show off anything meaningful for its 100th anniversary. Four cameras are coming, but those expecting something along the lines of the [amazon link=”B01A7Q0HEK” title=”D5″ /] / [amazon link=”B01A7Q0J3Y” title=”D500″ /] announcement are being left out in the cold.

It’s not terrible news, but we are left depending on the company keeping things under wraps until summer. That’s mere months away. In the age of the internet, what is ever kept a secret anymore?

The only big announcement is the 100th-anniversary editions of the Nikon D5 and D500. You’re paying a premium for a badge, a new finish, and the same specs. Sure, I want one, but it’s not something I’d rush out to buy. Toss in the price announcement delayed until June, and it’s a shrug.

Though the Nikkor triple f2.8 lens set is badass. Those won’t be cheap but are similar to the D5 and D500 set. A metallic gray finish, the 100th-anniversary badge, and the 100th-anniversary metal case. It all screams collector’s item versus use in the field. Having the anniversary badge screams ‘steal me.’

Four Upcoming Nikon Cameras

I would have thought it would be announced by now, but expectations are for the replacement of the Nikon D7200 to be the Nikon D7500 (could still be named the D7300). Think baby D500, and you’re on the right track. Pricing should be in line with the current D7200, so if you want the [amazon link=”B01A7Q0J3Y” title=”D500″ /] but don’t want to shell out the cash, just wait.

nikon d7500 rumors

The other three are replacements to the Nikon Coolpix line. A Coolpix P900 replacement is happening, and expectations are for the camera to feature a 125x zoom – the current P900 only has an 85x zoom. I’d like to know what the hell you are taking pictures of that demands the equivalent of a 24-3000mm lens? We could get closer, but Nikon is probably right. It’s a gaudy number and we all secretly want to try it.

Another replacement is for the Coolpix AW130. Not much is known spec-wise, but expect a similar bump. The fourth camera is the unknown quantity. Most expect it’s replacing another in the Coolpix line.

Nikon 1?

Here’s an interesting bit of news. The Nikon 1 V3 has been discontinued in Japan but continues to sell at [amazon link=”B00IYP9MQ6″ title=”full price” /] in the United States. Last year’s Photokina show had the company promising the Nikon 1 line was alive and well.

Could Nikon want to repurpose the name for a pro style mirrorless? Or is another product line biting the dust?

Nikkor Lenses

Five lenses have been promised for the year, and now we have the second. Last year saw the AF-P Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED (VR) DX lens, and now the full frame market will enjoy the same AF-P lens. For those needing a refresher on the AF-P lens family, Nikon describes the line as:

“AF-P lenses that achieve fast and quiet AF with adoption of a stepping motor for AF drive operation.”

Watch Nikon in the Summer

If something big is happening, watch the summer. I’d expect the D7500 to get announced later this month and the 100th-anniversary products will have pricing and ordering details revealed in June. It leaves the summer wide open if Nikon wants to drop something innovative on the community.

Maybe we will be surprised for once. That would be different in the age of social media where nothing stays a secret. Can Nikon keep something brand new behind the curtain for a surprise reveal? I’m torn. Part of me wants to know now, but I miss the old days of a good surprise.

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