Good news for those that don’t want to fill their social media timeline of gaming clips. I’m not sure why anyone feels hesitant about posting clips on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I much rather see you wreaking havoc on Battlefield than your Starbucks order.

Regardless, Raptr saw a market, and moved in with Plays.TV. If you’re a PC gamer, you’ve heard of Raptr. The company is lead on AMD and Intel’s PC game streaming and optimization efforts. A social network for gamers.

Before you think Plays.TV is a Twitch clone, stop there. This is more of an Instagram for gamers with a video focus. Want to share a 30-second clip of your Battlefield shenanigans? Done. 15 seconds of Minecraft? You got it.

The service is all about curation. Twitch is more you camp out and watch for hours. MOBA games rule the landscape, and hundreds of thousands of people watch the tournaments. It sounds nuts on the surface, until you realize people watch poker and The Big Bang Theory is working on its eighth season.


It’s a pretty simple system. If you hashtagged and posted your way through Instagram, you should feel at home here. Raptr’s site will display short, curated clips from your feed, a general list of games, and via hashtags.

A standalone Plays.TV client is being rolled out for gamers looking to capture and edit gameplay videos. That’s good news if you don’t want to add yet another piece of software to your PC.

For now, the interface is simple. It’s still in beta, and features two tabs – My Videos and replays. Expect that to grow if the service takes off.

The Plays.TV client records your entire session by default in the Replays tab. The My Videos tab works manually with clips you have saved yourself, or you can hit Crtl + F2 to save the last twenty seconds.

Crtl + ; will start and stop recording gameplay. You can alter the settings to have the F2 function record the last 20 minutes of gameplay. From there, you can use the video editor built into the client. Granted, it’s not going to blow you away with features, but it gets the job done.

Once edited, you can opt to share to various social media sites. Twitter, Facebook et. al are included. Some may be hesitant, but get to sharing. You know how these Twitch and YouTube stars make their money? By building their brand everywhere.

For Raptr, Plays.TV will live or die based off the community. Is there room for another social media app? Considering the niche and the power of Twitch, I’d say yes. More features will be needed, but I wouldn’t discount the power and dedication of a gamer.


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