We are just a few days from the release of Bungie’s Destiny. In the lead-up to the launch, PlayStation has been touting its timed exclusive content for Destiny. Yesterday, they showed off Exodus Blue, a mid-sized multiplayer map set near a massive colony ship.

The map will be fully supported in Crucible’s 3v3 and 6v6 modes. Check out the Exodus Blue trailer below.

Lean more on the PvE side of things? PlayStation has you covered with a Dust Palace strike walk-through trailer today. Dust Palace is set amidst an ancient ruin on Mars. You’ll need to be level 18 to get your hands on this exclusive strike. The Cabal and Vex both make appearances in Dust Palace.

The video describes Dust Palace as “highly replayable” with “major combatants and the Cabal captains spawn randomly.” You’ll decide for yourselves how replayable in the first few weeks of Destiny. I just hope the Raid delivers.

What kind of exclusivity are we talking about for the content above? PlayStation has Exodus Blue and Dust Palace locked up until Fall 2015.

Will the exclusive content sway your purchasing decision? Me? Most of my friends are Xbox fans, so I’ll be without Exodus Blue and Dust Palace for a while.

Destiny hits Sony and Microsoft consoles next Tuesday. Pray for server stability.


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