Will Smith is back. Sort of. The rapper, actor, rapper/actor, Scientologist and whatever the hell After Earth was is returning to his musical roots.

Smith is on the remix of Colombian group Bomba Estéreo’s “Fiesta.” Hmm, unexpected, but why not? It’s not like we can expect him dropping a track for Suicide Squad. We salute you Wild Wild West.

Instead, we get Will Smith spittin’ hot fire in both English and Spanish. And Spanglish. I’m not kidding when I tell you one of his first lines is “Hola Mamacita, go get me a beer-a!”

Sigh… Maybe there’s an upside. Old people could stop filming themselves doing the ‘nae nae.’ We can dream…

Oh, and Smith is up on the times too. Tesla gets a shoutout with “no gas for me, I’m a Tesla!” Hey, maybe Elon Musk can use that for a Model X commercial. Just a thought.

Smith did break from his musical norm by dropping a curse word in the lyrics, saying ‘hot shit’ midway through the song. Oh hell no. He went there. If people still bought CDs, the man would earn an explicit label. That would be a Greek tragedy.

Bomba Estéreo?

If you are stuck in a Spotify track loop, you’re wondering Bomba Estéreo? They are a Colombian band known for their dance music. They dismiss any EDM comparisons, but listening to the Fiesta track I kept waiting for the bass to be dropped.

The band doesn’t slack when it comes to award nominations. It has picked up two Latin Grammy nominations for Fiesta for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Not bad at all, and now you have one of the most likeable actors and rappers on the remix of your hit.

I think that qualifies as a win for your career.

Fair warning to those who listen to the song. It will get stuck in your head. I’ll admit it. I’ve already had the damn YouTube video on loop. Damn you Will Smith.

It’s like a Taylor Swift song. You don’t necessarily want to be humming it, but there you are humming ‘Blank Space’ at the tailgate party this weekend.

No shame. Own it and grab yourself a beer-a. Roll Tide.


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