Go ahead, do the handshake. If you don’t know the trademark handshake from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, get ready for a giant dose of early 90s nostalgia.

Yeah, that’s every handshake from every season of Fresh Prince. Props to YouTuber Jers Compilations for both being bored enough, and having the foresight in 2014 to know these two would be reunited.

That’s right. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are going on world tour. I guess Smith wasn’t content to sit on a remix of Fiesta. Nope, he’s been in the studio and has over 30 songs laid down. He talked to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe about the studio sessions, saying “six or seven that I really, really like, that I’m trying to get the ideas to come out right.”

In the interview, he said he was ‘pretty certain’ he’ll go on a world tour next summer and Jazzy Jeff will be by his side. Man, let it happen. Bring back the Fresh Prince nostalgia.

Am I pumped to see Will Smith return to his roots? Definitely. But there was a nugget buried in the interview that is even better than a possible world tour.

Bad Boys 3. Finally. He said to expect the third installment of his buddy cop franchise with Martin Lawrence in the next 12 to 16 months. I’ll freely admit to watching Bad Boys 2 every time I happen past it on TV. It’s a popcorn movie at its finest.

I think we are seeing a resurgent Will Smith. Back to his self-deprecating ways. He admitted that After Earth was a complete failure. Yeah, let’s all forget that one ever happened.

“When you’ve had a certain amount of success, it seems like it should breed confidence. But it actually doesn’t…When you win a lot, and then you lose the ability to lose. You’re not allowed to lose anymore,” he explained.

“You actually lose the ability to create. The reckless abandon—and it’s something I’m actually getting back from watching my kids. They really don’t care. That kind of reckless abandon and that lack of fear. And not trying to protect anything, and not trying to live up to a legacy or anything like that.”

Smith added, “Fear is the killer of creativity, man. And there’s also a misconception about failing. No, you have to fail a lot. You have to fail early. You have to fail often. And you have to fail forward. So I’m trying to get comfortable getting back to failing.”

Now if he could just give the same kind of introspective thinking to his kids.

As for music? He’s never going to stop. Not even when he reaches social security age. Smith wants to keep at it until he’s well into his 70s. Easy there man, let’s not have you laying down tracks about the nursing home. Welcome to Miami was great. You rapping about the retirement communities?

Just give us Bad Boys 3 so I can watch that over and over.


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