Love a good John Brenkus segment? Did you know a running back cuts with over 800 pounds of force and accelerates like a cheetah? No? I googled it and came up empty too. We’ll take his word for it.

Wilson is bringing its connected line to the world of football. Want to prove you can throw better than Peyton? Grab your Papa Johns, scream Omaha and open the Wilson app. Chicken parm isn’t helping the spiral much.

It’s a new world for backyard football and neighborhood rec leagues. Did your buddy catch the ball or does he have the hands of a penguin?

Wilson X Connected Football

Fresh off the success of the connected basketball, Wilson is using Super Bowl 50 to introduce the tech world of life outside the office. Wait a damn minute…

Why settle for games of Madden when you can bring the game outside where it belongs? The Bluetooth-enabled football transmits data such as distance, speed spiral efficiency and spin rate. Catch or drop? The app can tell you.

wilson x connected football announced


On the outside, you can’t tell you are tossing anything other than a regular football. Wilson makes the official NFL balls, so the company knows a thing or two about getting the design right.

Inside a Wilson Connected Football is a processor, Bluetooth radio and an accelerometer. All three draw from a low power battery that has an advertised life of two years of average use. While the final design hasn’t been finished, the battery doesn’t look replaceable.

Pricing hasn’t been released, but a non-replaceable battery presents a potential pitfall. Then again, how would you replace the battery or charge it without changing the feel of the ball? Wilson will try, but ultimately it seems you will be replacing the ball when the battery gives out.

Wilson Football Competes Against Video Games

Why the push into data analytics and connected sports equipment? It re-gamifies the game. There are hundreds of distraction to keep us planted in our couches. Wilson wants us up and moving. The easiest way is competing with your friends.

Think you can throw a perfect slant? There’s an app for that. The ball really doesn’t lie. Suck at the spirals? You can be in the Super Bowl too.

Wilson executives stress it is all about getting kids active again. Hell with kids, most adults could stand to quit armchair quarterbacking and show everyone what that arm can do.


The company’s app collects all the information transmitted from the football and combines it into a ‘WX’ score. You can grab friends and see who is on top of the leaderboards after a few drinks.

Wilson is already working on prosumer level apps to provide more data points such as the quality of the throw and other metrics. We just thought football parents were nightmares.

Wait until they are following their kid around with a tablet loaded with the latest velocity stats and spiral efficiency.


Wilson isn’t letting the retail price out of the bag, but the Wilson X Connected Basketball costs $200. It’s a safe bet the price of the company’s connected football will be in the same range. And you’ll have to replace it every two years.

It’ll be an interesting sell convincing consumers to drop $200 on a football. For fans looking to be closer to the action, it’s a perfect addition to your Saturdays and Sundays in the fall.

Wilson reps have said the Wilson X Football should be in stores by the fall.

Just in time for kickoff.

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