The successor to Windows 8 will be unveiled next month according to The Verge. Looks like Microsoft is aiming for a September 30th press event to showcase their latest operating system.

Windows 9 is codenamed ‘Threshold’ and could see a preview release on September 30th or shortly after for developers.

Microsoft’s press event should outline the major changes coming to Windows 9 including the revamped Start Menu that was leaked on Myce last month. Other changes coming to Windows 9 include the removal of the Charms bar as reported by Winbeta. Reports also say Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant will be included in Windows 9.

The press event for Windows 9 will be an extremely important one. It marks the first Windows OS launch under new CEO Satya Nadella. His strategy has been focused on shifting Microsoft more towards mobile and cloud space. It’ll be interesting to see how his strategy factors into the feature set for Windows 9.

I want to see if Microsoft will give out free OS upgrades starting with Windows 9. Apple does, and it’s a clear advantage for them. Rumors are pointing towards Microsoft offering free upgrades to Windows 9. Hopefully, the rumor mill gets this one right.

Reports also state Microsoft is working on a separate version of Windows to tie in Windows Phone and Windows RT. If these reports hold up, we should see Microsoft touch on this at their press event.

What are some features you would to see added or changed in Windows 9? Would paying for the OS be a deal breaker for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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