Use a Windows PC? There has been a vulnerability on Windows dating back to the Windows 95 days.

You can thank IBM researchers for spotting the vulnerability. The discovery happened back in May, but IBM worked with Microsoft to fix the problem before going public. According to the researchers, the critical bug has been in every version of Windows since 95. Ugh, now I feel old.

What could the vulnerability do to your computer? Any would be attackers could exploit it to remotely control your PC. Microsoft is urging users to download the update. Yeah, I think I’m going to get on that today.

IBM Researcher Robert Freeman described the vulnerability in a blog post.

“The bug can be used by an attacker for drive-by attacks to reliably run code remotely and take over the user’s machine,” writes Freeman.

The vulnerability is a serious one and has a CVSS score of 9.3 out of 10.

Want another comforting thought? The vulnerability discovery “indicates that there may be other bugs still to be discovered,” according to Freeman.

Jump on over to Freeman’s post if you’re interested in all the technicals of the vulnerability.

So, when you fire up your Windows PC today – make sure you accept that new update. Don’t click the postpone button for a week straight like me.

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