Originally bundled with the Xbox One when it launched last year, the Kinect 2.0 sensor will be coming to Windows on July 15th.

What took it so long getting to Windows? It probably had something to do with its new connector. Kinect 2.0 didn’t use a standard USB cable for transmitting data. The version for Windows will come with a standard USB connector.

If you liked the first version of Kinect a few years ago, you’ll love the newest iteration. A new 1080p camera with a wider-angle lens, better depth-sensing and the ability to track more people in one frame are some of the improvements Microsoft has included in Version 2.0.

These improvements weren’t enough for gamers. Microsoft recently stripped the Kinect in order to get price parity with Sony’s PS4. Microsoft hopes PC users can broaden Kinect’s reach. Developers are being encouraged to publish new apps on the Windows Store. Look for plenty of arm flailing and voice controls apps soon.

Kinect 2.0 releases next Tuesday and will cost $199.


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