Winnebago Revel Tosses its Hat into 4X4 Camper Van Ring

Winnebago Revel

Looking for a bit of an adventure but like the Winnebago brand? Good news. The company has lifted the curtains on the Winnebago Revel. And it’s pretty damn expensive. Not overly surprising considering the specs, but ‘starting at $134,799’ is steep by any definition.

The 4X4 is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It uses the 4X4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van as its base. The 3-liter turbo diesel gives the camper van a serious kick when it comes to power.

Winnebago Revel lifestyle

Winnebago Revel outside

Winnebago Revel Specs

Inside, the floorplan is built around a 140-cu ft. gear garage which includes a power lift bed. The full galley is accompanied by a 2.5-cu. ft. compressor refrigerator. The cassette toilet eliminates the need for a black water tank.

Hit us with the YouTube tour, Winnebago:

Options are pretty endless on this, and if you have the cash and don’t want the traditional camper, the Winnebago Revel offers a nice alternative. I’ll forever tip my hat the in the Vanual’s direction. Can you beat that style and the DIY mentality? May not be a 4X4, but damn if it wasn’t well done.

Winnebago Revel interior

Head over to Winnebago’s site to learn more about the Revel.

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