Wolcen’s Operation Second Dawn Puts Bug Fixing and Stability Ahead of New Content

Wolcen is a lot of fun, but its also got its fair share of rough edges. Over the next four months, the devs plan to smooth these out. They’ve dubbed this process ‘Operation: Second Dawn,” and it will be focused on bug fixes, server stability, balancing, and current story improvements (specifically Chapter 3). 

New content is still in the cards, but will come after Operation: Second Dawn.

One of the key improvements Wolcen Studio wanted to make revolves around testing. They are now teaming up with an external QA team to help them find potential issues quickly and get them fixed before new updates go live. 

As for Chapter 3 improvements, the devs write:

“We want to bring some love to Chapter 3 and improve the diversity and the pace to make its gameplay events and encounters more appealing. In addition to adding more visual diversity, we will also add new enemies and new enemies variants.”

I like their take on balancing. Instead of battering down popular skills/builds to make lesser-used skills more appealing, they want to give the lesser-used skills a bump. That doesn’t mean vastly overpowered skills won’t be kept in check though, as we’ve seen with Bleeding Edge. Still, I like the approach of making weak skills better, instead of over tweaking good skills. 

Friday’s blog post has a bit more info on server stability and communication support moving forward.

As for post-Operation: Second Dawn? We’ll see Leagues implemented shortly after this four-month period. New Chapters are coming too, but the devs made it clear these won’t happen until “much later.”