DC movies don’t struggle at the box office, but they’re not exactly rewatchable material. I can watch plenty of Marvel movies on a lazy day. But DC stuff? I’m only tuning in for the last 30 minutes of Batman v Superman. Even then, I’m still shaking my head at the whole ‘Martha’ thing.

Wonder Woman is DC’s next attempt at giving us a good movie. I’m not asking for the perfect film. If it’s half-way decent, I’ll still enjoy it. And there’s good news on that front. Critics are starting to give their reactions to Wonder Woman, and just about all of them are positive. Full reviews are still under embargo, but Warner Bros. is letting press give non-spoiler reactions to the film. Let’s take a look at some of them.

I know, I know. We’ve never seen positive Twitter reactions before. Still, it’s a DC movie. It would be easy enough to pan in the wake of BvS and Suicide Squad. Plus, these are critics. They would have no problem telling it like it is if the movie was garbage. I was cautiously optimistic before today. Now, I can’t wait to hear that electric cello sound off and watch Wonder Woman kick some ass.

Oh and Warner Bros., take whatever makes Wonder Woman a seemingly solid superhero film and infuse it into Justice League.

Twitter reactions are all we’re going to get until the review embargo lifts on May 31. That is a little close to release date, but I believe it’s standard practice for Warner Bros. We don’t see full reviews weeks in advance. Keep an eye on your favorite critics to see how they feel about the entire movie. Twitter isn’t exactly the best place for nuanced discussion. Several critics pointed to flaws in the movie but still praised the overall package.

I plan on being there day one. What about you?

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