A Cube to Save Your iPhone. Meet the WonderCube

Funded with 31 days to go, the WonderCube on Indiegogo is shaping up to be a must have accessory for your smartphone. Especially, if like me, you bought the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus. The model is also known as ‘what the hell am I going to delete to update this thing?’

What is the WonderCube? It’s a one-inch cube that is a charger, memory extender, stand and it packs enough room to extend the power of your device. Because let’s be honest, the advertised power consumption time on smartphones is complete BS.

This little super cube packs everything into a small package. Charger? Check. It comes in two models – Apple’s lightning connector, and MicroUSB.

Too lazy to hold your phone watching Netflix? The WonderCube comes complete with micro suction cups for both landscape and portrait. Just attach the device to the back of the phone and pile up in bed.

Phone battery blinking red? Do you have a 9-volt battery? That’’s all you need to give yourself 3.5 hours of extra talking time. Open the top of the cube and connect a 9-volt battery. Literally every store sells these, so it’s easier than having a battery case.

wondercube features

If you can’t find the 9-volt under your car seat, the WonderCube also works as a mini flashlight. Pretty handy if you’re fumbling for your keys in the dark.

Wondercube Selling Point

For me? It’s the ability to use microSD cards. On the go storage capacity is currently only available on Android devices, but the company promises to make iOS capability into a stretch goal.

Perks for the device can get you up to a 64GB microSD card. They put this on iOS and I’m a buyer.

wondercube design

The WonderCube is designed to fit on a keyring, but you can just as easily toss it in your pocket. That would be me. Just not a fan of the giant key ring of assorted garbage. One device works for me.

Crowdfunding Patience

If you’re new to backing a crowdfunded product, you need a strong dose of patience. You don’t select a perk for it to go all Amazon and arrive at your door tomorrow. Think of it as a proof of concept model.

The team at Mutants DesignLab is aiming for early autumn to have the devices in the hands of their backers. So, figure on six months from selecting your perk to having the WonderCube.

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