Tired of all the glass, plastic and metal in your life? Who doesn’t yearn for something a bit more woodsy in your home office or cubicle? You may not be able to work from the hammock, but you can bring the forest indoors. Sort of.

Say hello to Wood Kubb, a wood cube that doubles as your PC tower. No more space-age, glow in the dark steel monstrosity. Nah, simplicity and style at its finest. Bringing nature to the PC.

It is tiny. You’re getting 4.9 x 4.9 inches. Hardcore gamers? Either get damn creative, or you’ll still need your monster box. That doesn’t mean you can’t have one of these for your office.

Wood Kubb is BLEUJOUR’s answer to the tower you’re either kicking right now or an eyesore on your desk. The French company is helmed by Jean-Christophe Agobert, a veteran of the IT business for 25 years.

The idea for the Wood Kubb came to him during a hike away from the city. All big ideas are born when you step away and gather a bit of perspective. He wanted to bring a piece of nature back to his office. And evidently put his computer inside that piece of nature.

Wood Kubb

The basics are that it’s a mini computer. It may look like you had a moment of zen and bought an expensive paper weight, but behind the wood panels lies a computer for your office or a media center for your living room.

Specs for the cubb are mid-range to pro. No, it won’t blow the doors off with speed, but for the vast majority of people, the eight-core processor, and three graphics cards are not necessary.

Processor choice include the Intel i3 1.7 GHz or the i5 up to 2.6 GHz. RAM options start at 8 GB and run to 16 GB. Graphics will leave you hanging, with onboard Intel HD 4400-5000. I’m sure we could get creative with a mobile GPU and fit it in.

Storage options start at 128GB SSD up to 1TB. Four USB ports are included and a miniHDMI. Bluetooth and WiFi are standard on the kubbs and it is fan cooled.

OS choices on the Kickstarter campaign are Linux Mint or Windows 10 Home.

Style Options for Wood Kubb

My favorite is the Wood Kubb n°2: Frêne Brun. I love the dark browns with red accents off the brown ash wood used in the cube. White ash is used in the Wood Kubb n°1: Frêne Blanc.

For those wanting something limited edition, the company is offering the Wood Kubb n°3: Orme. Made from Elm, the material is sourced from Toulouse, France.

Each Kubb is handmade to order, so you’ll get style differences thanks to the grain in the various wood used.

Wood Kubb Kickstarter

Now come the price and timeframe. It’s a computer at its core, and price varies based on what you want. Base model running Linux? It’s around $502 and ships this November. Loaded out and running Windows 10? About $1,135. The pricing is in Euros, so there can be some movement in either direction.

wood kubb pricing

The Kickstarter campaign has 33 days to go and is sitting at $26,295. Its goal is for just under $50,000. With this kind of style and quick delivery, it’s hard not to see Wood Kubbs sitting under Christmas trees this December.

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