I’m giving the company props off the name alone. How perfect is Wormy? You have to salute a company that manages to snap up the domain wor.my.

What is Wormy offering? A fishing pole that swaps out the old collapsible rod for interchangeable stainless steel spring poles. Sure, you won’t be hauling in record breakers on the beach, but anglers have poles for every scenario.

Including the ‘how the hell do I get back to that pool’ scenario. We’ve all been there. Boulders, algae covered rocks and vines that defy logic. Walk back there with your normal fishing setup and you’ll be cursing ever attempting it.

The Wormy compact fishing system is designed to get around that problem. It’s modular, allowing you to swap out rods depending on the fish you are after. That modular feature means it travels incredibly well. No more renting fishing gear on your vacation.

Wormy Kickstarter

The fishing system offers six distinct rod options, depending on the weight of the fish and the conditions. No matter which you choose, each is made from stainless steel, has a saltwater-resistant reel seat and hardwood handles. No plastics are used, making the entire system built to last.

What you’ll notice first is the coil design. Instead of the conventional rod, the coils replace the functionality. What you get is a compact design that will turn the heads. Not the fish, that’s still on you to get the right lures or bait.

wormy fishing

It also allows you to fish from areas that normally would allow for a conventional rod. Think banks lined with overgrown vegetation. Like to sail and fish? The fishing systems would solve plenty of headaches coming in at just two feet long, total.

[divider]Pledge Tiers[/divider]

Each tier has a ship date of April 2016 and will be manufactured in the EU. The Nano pack is set at $179.

Want pole options? Wormy is offering a pole pack for $184 that includes the ultra-light, light, heavy and extra-heavy poles.

To complete the system, you will need the spin pack at $190. It includes the complete setup and a medium PowerPole. Those who prefer a casting handle need to opt for the cast pack at $196. The option gives you the casting handle instead of the spinning handle along with the medium PowerPole.

Want everything? The Megapack includes the entire product lineup for $448. I think you’ll be covered no matter when the urge to fish strikes.

The campaign has 30 days remaining and is nearing its funding goal. It shouldn’t have a problem eclipsing the $11,000 goal it has set out

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