If you haven’t seen last night’s The Flash episode, stop reading right now. If you do not watch The Flash, I’m disappointed in you. What DC can’t do in theaters, they more than make up for on the small screen. On the CW of all networks.

The ‘Out of Time’ episode is easily the best episode of The Flash so far. Sorry, I can’t put it above The 100. I love apocalyptic shows. First, we get a new Weather Wizard. If you remember the first episode with the character controlling the weather, well he had a brother. And his brother is even more badass. In both control and the actor who plays hims.

Yeah, Spartacus is on The Flash. I think the network literally opened the casting call from Spartacus for both The Arrow and The Flash. Not complaining, just wild how many characters are on the two shows.

That’s my first ‘hell yes’ moment.

Toss in the love-square of Lynda, Barry, Iris and Eddie and you have your normal middle of a Flash episode. Not my favorite part, but at the end you realize it was setting you up.

Time Travel

We all knew The Flash and the Reverse Flash could time travel. That’s how Barry’s mom was murdered. What we haven’t seen is it in action. This episodes answers all your questions and then resets it. Welcome to time travel and the comic book universe. I loved it and was yelling at my TV the whole time.

Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash

Iris’s co-worker at the paper started the ball rolling on tearing down the facade that is Dr. Harrison Wells. It was Cisco that figured out the fight with the Reverse Flash and Wells in the containment chamber was staged.

If Caitlin was able to keep Wells drinking coffee, all would have been good, but being a decent liar doesn’t come with the graduate degrees. He showed Caitlin he can walk and went to confront Cisco.

flash cisco death

We learn that Dr. Harrison Wells is actually Eobard Thawne, distant relative to Eddie Thawne. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Cisco fate is sealed when Wells/Thawne confronts him in the containment chamber and kills him.

Barry and Iris

Yes, Iris has the same feelings for Barry. This was revealed right before Barry had to reveal he was The Flash to her to save Central City from an approaching tsunami. They share the quickest onscreen kiss, and then it’s all about speed.

the flash out of time

The Flash Resets

If you watch the beginning of the epsiode, Barry seeings himself as he’s streaking along to the local coroner’s office. This is an important part of the episode. It was actually him traveling back a day as he was trying to protect the city.

At the end, he ends up at the exact corner, realizing he can travel back in time.

So, we have to wait a week. Will Cisco live? I’d say yes. Barry’s love life is still a mess. And, he has a power Dr. Wells/Thawne does not know about.

the flash reverse flash

All I have to say is damn, DC. Way to put up an amazing episode.


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