The latest Xbox One update started making its way to Xbox One owners late last night. One of the oddest omissions from the Xbox One launch is coming today. Friend notifications. I’ll never understand why Microsoft and Sony opted to do away with friend notifications. With Microsoft adding it back in today, hopefully Sony follows suit in the next few weeks.

In a blog post, Major Nelson said the latest features in today’s update will all be live over the next few days.

Here’s some of the biggest features.

We touched on friend notifications a bit above. You’ll have the option to limit friend notifications to just favorites or all friends. A handy feature if you have a ton of new friends after the increased friend cap. Friends in multiplayer will also be identified in the friends list.

The Kinect is seeing some improvements in last night’s update as well. Microsoft has been working hard to reduce false positives with non-hand objects.

GameDVR is seeing a boost in quality as the Xbox team improves its compression algorithms.

Controller and headset adapter updates will help reduce audio static and improve connectivity.

Other features include silent reboot after system updates and 50HZ support for the Blu-Ray player.

All in all, a solid update. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft does larger revamps to its UI later this fall. The Xbox 360 was famous for the UI evolution it went through over the years.


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