Did you wait until last week to pick up an Xbox One? You got a hell of a deal if you did. Xbox One bundles were as low as $299, depending on the retailer. Most stayed around $329.

The big price cut, compared to launch, worked for Microsoft. At least, according to retail analytics firm InfoScout.

The Xbox One Assassin‘s Creed Unity bundle was a huge hit for Black Friday shoppers. It topped console purchases at Walmart and Target.


Here’s a breakdown of market share.

Xbox One smashed everyone else with 53%. Playstation 4 came in at 31%. The Wii U tucked in behind the Xbox 360 at 6%.


The Wii U may not have the market share, but it has the kids’ share.


PS4 was popular with people buying the consoles for themselves. More than 50% of PS4 purchasers bought themselves a Christmas present.

Now the important part, how was the data collected? InfoScout gathered more than 180,000 receipts from participants during Black Friday.

What’s this mean for November NPD? A crap ton of consoles were bought. Microsoft needs a win, and the Xbox One was priced to give it to them. We will see if consumers felt the same way when November’s NPD is released around the middle of December.

Who do you think won the console battle for November? My money is on the Xbox One. The prices were absurd. But, I also think it’s going to be close.

Image credits: InfoScout


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