YoYo Games is bringing its game development tool, GameMaker: Studio, to Xbox One and Windows platforms.

YoYo Games’ platform is a popular tool among the indie community. It’s cross-platform development tools lets developers write games in a single code base and then publish them to run natively across several platforms.

GameMaker: Studio support should attract more indie developers. Having support on Windows Phone should also boost that platform’s game lineup in the future.

YoYo’s GameMaker comes in three different versions. Standard, Professional and Master Collection. Standard is free, but has a very limited features set. The Professional version sells for $99.99 and includes Windows Desktop and App Export, mobile testing and other features. The Master Collection sells for $799.99 and comes with Android export, iOS export, HTML5 export, Ubuntu export and Windows Phone 8 export. You can check out what else makes the versions different here.

Windows RT, Windows 8.1 and WIndows Phone 8.1 get GameMaker: Studio support starting today. Licensed Microsoft Xbox developers (including ID@Xbox) will get the GameMaker: Studio export for Xbox One feature in the fourth quarter.

Today’s YoYo Games announcement increases the number of platforms GameMaker: Studio is one which already includes Playstation, Linux and Mac OSX.

As I said above, GameMaker: Studio is a popular tool among the indie community. Here’s some of the more well-known games that have used the tool.

Hotline Miami

Risk of Rain




Mavic Pro

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