“If I could have built 10 times the number I built, I would have.” Those comments from Chris Capossela (Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft) gives us an idea of the insane demand behind Microsoft’s pricey controller. Why didn’t they? Feedback at E3 was solid, but rumblings about the high price point “influenced how many we produced,” said Capossela during a recent Windows Weekly netcast.

The moment Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Elite Controller at E3, I knew I wanted one. A badass design, hair-triggers and paddle buttons? It would be mine. Fast-forward to its release and I couldn’t find one anywhere. I was gaming with some buddies one night in November and noticed they popped up in stock on Gamestop. I paused over the order button as I looked at the $150 price-point. It’s expensive for a controller, but I figured ‘what the hell.’

A few days later it was in my hands, and I haven’t looked back. The hair-triggers and paddles are great, but the overall feel of the controller blew me away. I’ve always loved Xbox controllers. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos that even liked the ‘Duke’ controller from the original Xbox days.

xbox duke controller

Don’t judge me.

But the build quality for the Xbox One Elite controller is even better.

How to find a Xbox Elite Controller

You’re going to need to be on your toes if you want one in the next few months. A Microsoft rep told Tech Insider:

While the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is sold out in many retailers around the world, we are working quickly to get more units in the hands of fans. We expect more units to arrive at retailers each week but supply may be limited through March 2016.

If you’re trying to get one right now, head on over to NowInStock.net. It’ll let you know as soon as the controller is in-stock at the largest retailers. Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart are your best options. They seem to get new stock on a semi-regular basis. Target has them in-stock right now, but I doubt they last long.

Do you have a little extra cash lying around after Christmas? You can’t go wrong with the Xbox Elite Controller.

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