We may see even better visuals hit the Xbox One in the future. One reason is that developers always squeeze out extra juice the older a console gets. The other reason, is a piece of tech called real-time ray-tracing.

Here’s a video from 2012 of what real-time ray-tracing looks like.

Today’s news comes courtesy of a tweet from Phil Spencer responding to a question about ray-tracing and the Xbox One.

Spencer responded that the Xbox One team has been experimenting with the tech and says there’s a “ton of potential with this tech, amazing visuals.”


The big question is how will real-time ray-tracing be handled on the Xbox One. Much has been made about the cloud on the Xbox One. Can it handle these kinds of computations for games? And, if so. Wouldn’t that make the game always on? It would be kinda hard for a game to work offline if graphic computations are done on the cloud. I guess certain effects could be disabled if no internet-connection is present.

But, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s see the tech come to the Xbox One before we start worrying about how it’s done.


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