Microsoft Exec Says Xbox One X Demand is Outpacing Any Xbox Before It

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

New hardware always has a way of generating hype. And the Xbox One X is no different. Last Sunday, Microsoft opened pre-orders worldwide, and the response appears to be exceeding even their expectations.

Xbox’s Mike Nichols describes “record-setting sell-out times” in countries around the world. Nichols added the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was pre-ordered more in the first five days “than any Xbox ever.”

Gamestop’s Bob Puzon said much of the same. “The speed at which we sold through our pre-order supply surpassed expectations, and what we experienced with pre-orders for the original Xbox One console.”

Media Markt showered even more praise on the new Xbox hardware. “We were absolutely astonished with the run on Microsoft’s new flagship console of the Xbox One family. The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was the fastest sold-out Xbox console ever.”

None of the comments are surprising. It’s in everyone’s best interest (from Microsoft to physical retailers) for the Xbox One X to do well.

Did you miss out on the first lot of pre-orders? Microsoft is readying another wave for the Xbox One X standard edition next month. You might want to jump onboard early if you’re already set on picking one up.

We won’t know hard numbers on Xbox One X sales until November’s NPD report. It’s a safe bet to assume Microsoft will sit atop the hardware sales this holiday season. At least for November. Time will tell how well the Xbox One X does.

Exclusives would help. An area Microsoft is weak in this holiday season. With Crackdown 3 now coming in early 2018, it’s up to Forza Motorsport 7 and Cuphead to carry the Xbox-only mantle.

And maybe PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. We don’t know exactly when the PUBG phenomenon will land on Xbox One, but the launch exclusive will help big time. There’s not a bigger game out there right now, and Microsoft will be the only console home for it for at least a few months.

PUBG is inching closer to peak player counts only DOTA 2 can generate on a daily basis. It’ll be fun to watch how the game does on Xbox One. Can it dethrone GTA V?

I know I’ll be double-dipping to play with my Xbox buddies.

Microsoft will also look to third-party games with Xbox One X enhancements to help carry them on the software front. Games like Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Halo 5, and Gears of War 4 will take advantage of the extra boost in hardware power coming in November.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X will hit stores November 7. And early indications are it’ll be highly sought after.

Did you pre-order one already? Do you plan to?

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition
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