Playstation 4 and Xbox One are still battling it out for the hearts and minds of gamers. March saw the release of Titanfall on Xbox and the sequel to Infamous on PS4. Both are gaming machines at heart, but Xbox wants to be all things entertainment. Knowing that they cannot just rest on the video streaming services every device has, the company is diving into original content.

Not content with just a live-action Halo, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced the slate of new content coming to the platform. It has paid off for Netflix, so the company hopes it can do the same for Xbox. In addition to the Halo show, a remake of sci-fi classic Blake 7 is in the works.

To bump the company’s efforts to the next level, it announced that a new Xbox television studio this June led by Nancy Tellem, the former head of CBS Television Studios. The new studio is bringing in comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Green to develop shows. Right now, the studio has six programs in the can, with dozens more in the works. One is another sci-fi show called Humans, which is about humanoid robots. Could it be Xbox is aiming for the sci-fi crowd.

The studio will need a House of Cards style hit. It may already have that in Halo. If it looks anything like the game’s live-action trailers, expect the buzz to be tremendous.

Tellem laid out the process in an interview with Bloomberg. “There’s a huge failure rate. “You have to get up to the plate a lot. Hopefully we can have a higher batting average than most, but it’s a long process.”

Luckily for Microsoft, there is an appetite for the content. People watching streaming content is growing year over year. The issue that Xbox will have is does the exclusivity hurt the shows, or give it the leg up over Sony it needs? It may not be a price cut Xbox needs, but a critically acclaimed show.

Triple-A titles plus a TV juggernaut? That’s something Microsoft shareholders could get behind.


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