The monthly Xbox One updates keep rolling in. The Xbox team announced the next set of features coming to the console in its August update. The big ones are a redesign to the Activity Feed and enabling 3D Blu-ray functionality.

The Xbox One Activity Feed will change to a single column scrolling list with more content than the previous iteration. The Xbox One is going Facebook with it and will let you post text, ‘like’ and comment on feed items. Notifications will pop up when someone likes, comments or shares your feed items.

Other features include an expanded Friends area on the Home screen, mobile purchases, low battery notification and disabling notifications during video. A nice feature for those who don’t want to see pop-up notifications while they are trying to watch a movie.

The team at Xbox has done a fantastic job of adding features to the Xbox One frequently. They are taking Xbox fans’ ideas and implementing them pretty quickly. Last month, Xbox launched Xbox Feedback, a Reddit-esque system that lets users upvote the features they want to see the most.

I wonder if Microsoft eventually tries a massive overhaul of the OS like they did on Xbox 360. The Xbox One was clearly designed with Kinect in mind. Now that Kinect isn’t bundled anymore, the Xbox team might want to take another look at its OS.

What do you think? Would you like to see an overhaul to the Xbox One interface? Or, keep the monthly updates coming?


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