As of March 31, traffic between Yahoo’s data centers is “fully encrypted.” Yahoo is making a push to better secure user data from government snooping. Oh, and it knows today’s news is a smart PR move.

In a blog post on Yahoo’s tumblr, Chief Information Security Officer Alex Stamos goes over what Yahoo has implemented.

At the start of 2014, Yahoo Mail became more secure as the company implemented browsing over HTTPS by default. In March, encryption of mail between their servers and other mail providers that support the SMTPTLS standard was implemented.

All of your search queries run on the Yahoo homepage are now automatically encrypted. Yahoo promises to make it more difficult for unauthorized intruders to gain access to its services. If the NSA wants to see your email, they’ll see it. No matter what security Yahoo wants to implement.

Stamos wants you to feel safe and promises more work will be done. “This isn’t a project where we’ll ever check a box and be ‘finished.’ Our fight to protect our users and their data is an on-going and critical effort,” writes Stamos.

One of their ongoing efforts will be a new, encrypted version of Yahoo Messenger deploying in the next few months.

Yahoo’s security updates may help fight against the aspiring hacker. But, it would be naive to think it’ll stop any government from gaining access to data if they really want it. Still, there’s nothing wrong with at least trying to secure data. Something every company should be working harder to do in this day and age.


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