Well, you can either play whack-a-mole with YouTube this morning, or be content on waiting for Taylor Swift to release the video. Earlier, Yahoo Music and Vevo put the video up for Blank Space, her second single of the 1989 album.

Obviously a mix up on timing, the site quickly pulled it down, and YouTube versions are dropping quickly. The song Blank Space has been picked out by critics as the best off her new album. Even with a leak, the video is a surefire hit.

Joseph Khan, the director of the video, explained the situation on Twitter.

If you need a quick teaser on the video, she plays every horrible girlfriend stereotype. In an interview with Yahoo, she wanted people to get the humor behind the lyrics – “Got a long list of ex-lovers/ They’ll tell you I’m insane.” It’s a way for her to poke fun at herself and the media craze over who’s she dating, and she relishes the opportunity to hit back. Plus, she’s quick to admit it’s the wildest video she’s ever done.

‘Oh, look, she’s completely taken back the narrative, and she’s singing from the perspective of the person the media paints her to be,'” She told Yahoo. “And then other people will be listening to it on the radio and thinking, ‘I knew it! I knew she was crazy!’… It’s probably the wildest video I’ve done.”

If you’ve seen stills or managed to catch the video before it went into YouTube lockdown, she’s doing everything from stabbing a cake with a butcher’s knife to the hysterical running mascara.

There’s little doubt she’s shedding the country roots to firmly take the pop throne. Then again, how hard will it be for her to jump back into country and take that over? We will update the post when it actually goes live.


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