Google made headlines last month after it gave a gender and racial breakdown of its workforce, and it showed a lack of diversity. Today, Yahoo decided to share some of the demographics of its workforce.

Here’s the numbers. First up ethnicity. 89% of Yahoo’s workers are either White or Asian (50% White, 39% Asian). From there, it gets bleak. 4% of workers are Hispanic while just 2% are Black. The remaining 4% is split between 2% two+ races and 2% that were not disclosed.

As for gender, men make up 62% of Yahoo’s global workforce while women make up 37%.

Yahoo further breaks down the demographics by tech, non-tech and leadership positions. Tech positions skew heavily towards men at 85% of the tech force. Asian men are the most prominent race at 57%. Black’s are just 1% of the tech force.

Non-tech roles sees the gender gap tighten up with women at 52% and men at 47%. Racial breakdown for non-tech shows White at 63%, Asian at 24%, Hispanic at 6% and Black at 2%.

Leadership skews back heavily towards men with a gap of 77% versus 23% for women. White is the predominant race with 78% representation with 17% Asian, 2% Hispanic and just 1% Black.

Other tech companies including Intel, Cisco and a handful of others regularly disclose their demographic reports to the federal government.

“These statistics are only a part of the story – Yahoo works to ensure that our existing employees feel welcome and supported during their time at the company. We have a wide range of Employee Resource Groups that serve people of diverse backgrounds and are highly engaged in their respective communities. For example, Yahoo received a 100% Corporate Equality Index score and was named a “Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality,” said Yahoo’s Chief Development Officer Jackie Reses in a post detailing workforce diversity at Yahoo.

It’s clear more needs to be done to make Silicon Valley a more diverse work area. It’s not just hiring either, it has to start at the college level. Until classes get more diverse, tech giants won’t become more diverse.


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