We’ve seen glimpses of the newest world in the Star Wars universe in The Last Jedi trailers. Now, Crait is making the leap to Battlefront 2. The new home (at least temporarily) for the Resistance is covered with a thin layer of salt, masking the stark, red soil beneath. Let’s take a peek at how it looks in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

DICE can’t make a Battlefront 2 progression system worth a damn, but holy crap can they make a trailer.

Crait is quickly climbing up my list of favorite Star Wars planets. How can you not love all those splashes of red color? I do have one question though. How the hell will Galactic Assault work on the first wave? It doesn’t look like defenders have much cover. Hell, any cover.

We’re also getting new single-player content on December 13th. Cool. I was wondering where the ending was. It just kinda ended. It looks like EA had to hold off until The Last Jedi was out in theaters. Iden Versio’s story must tie into The Last Jedi somehow.

The short snippet of story footage shows Iden trying to learn the full scope of The First Order. We also see what may be Iden and Del’s daughter?

Battlefront 2 The Last Jedi

Is that Shriv in the back too? Hell yeah!

Battlefront 2’s The Last Jedi Season also comes with two new hero/villain characters. Finn and Captain Phasma give us two more non-lightsaber wielding characters.

Battlefront 2 still has a lot of work to do addressing the progression system, but the new content looks solid. EA addressed the progression system recently by increasing how much credits we earn per match. But, it’s the crafting parts that really need the boost. The grind to upgrade Star Cards is still way too tedious.

We’ll see what EA ends up doing. Churning out content like this is a good step in fixing Battlefront 2’s loot box mess. Keep tweaking the progression system, and let Battlefront 2’s already fun gameplay shine through.

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