You know how you’re writing that status update in the privacy of your home? The safety of knowing your friends don’t know you are singing along to Selfie is about to be shattered. Facebook can now ID songs and movies in background. Hey, I can’t help it Starz shows Armageddon on some sort of ADD-fueled repeat.

Facebook is out with another feature today that will allow its mobile apps to help you share what you’re listening to or watching. Yeah, turn it down. Luckily the feature is set to off by default, but in our oversharing world, I’m sure millions are rushing to turn it on.

The feature is similar to Shazam in recognizing songs. It goes one-step forward with identifying movies and shows. If you have it activated and Facebook detects a song, it gets slapped into your friends news feed. It also offers up a 30-second preview.

Music preview deals are being worked out with Spotify, Rdio and Deezer according to Facebook.

For TV shows, it gets even cooler. It will recognize the show, its season and episode number. Who needs the NSA when we have Facebook?

Facebook is rolling out the feature to compete with Twitter as the go-to arena for real-time discussions of movies and shows. Want to chat about Jack Bauer? Facebook recognizes him shooting civilians and knows that’s episode three of this season’s 24. Cool stuff.

The company is already out saying that the data detected won’t be stored, and it really doesn’t need to be. Once it identifies the media, it already has the data.

As for availability. Android and iOS get the recognition feature. Windows Phone users are left out in the cold. Just update the app, and activate the feature. Then try to go for the most obscure song or show to test Facebook’s limits.


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