Levi Strauss must have some serious VMA cred. Back in 2001, Britney and Justin had us rolling our eyes in their matching denim outfits. Fast forward to last night, and it was Katy Perry paying tribute to pop’s once darling couple. Justin luckily escaped N’Sync and had a successful career. Britney? Well the line of attack umbrellas fell through, but she landed on her feet in Vegas.

Last night was MTV’s yearly Video Music Awards, paying tribute to all the Internet commenters that profess to have no idea who these people are. Come now, let us all admit to browsing TMZ and People Magazine. See, you feel better. I know, we don’t like to admit our addiction to celebrity culture, but we definitely have it.

As for Katy Perry’s denim outfit, Versace did the honors. If you are a design house, do you really want your name associated with that look? I mean, denim couture might work in Arkansas, but this? I think they put on their collective ‘don’t give a damn’ hats for the VMAs.

Last night was a solid night for Katy Perry, beating out Beyonce for video of the year. I’m not sure Beyonce cared, seeing as the entire night seemed to be a build up for a Beyonce concert. MTV thumbing their nose at the upcoming HBO concert special featuring the On the Run tour.

Oh, and the guy with Katy Perry? Rapper Riff Raff. Yeah, I have no idea either.


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