Prepare to feel old. American Idol Judge Randy Jackson is calling it quits after 13 seasons. In a quick statement, the network and show producers called Jackson a pivotal part of the singing reality show, and the door is always open for him to return as a guest.

Randy Jackson was part of the core group of judges, including Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. He served on the panel of judges for a total of 12 seasons, and his use of ‘dawg’ became an American Idol mainstay when assessing the signers, whose records you rarely bought.

With Jackson gone, it leaves Ryan Seacrest as the last original standing. Fox will back a Brink’s armored truck to his door to keep him. American Idol is slated to return in January with the judging panel being filled out by Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban.

The show is in a steady ratings decline, ceding it’s throne years ago as the most watched show on TV. American Idol didn’t age well, as viewers tired of the same thing year after year.

Will you miss head ‘dawg’ Randy Jackson? Or, have you like most of America, already checked out of American Idol?


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