Yo. That simple messaging app everyone’s been talking about? Turns out all the publicity drew some unsavory attention. Several programmers managed to breach Yo and pull users’ phone numbers and send other types of messages.

Yo acknowledged the security holes and says it’s working on a solution.

“We are working on the securities issues that came to our attention,” Yo said on Twitter this morning. “We want you to know we take this very seriously.”

Here’s a quick refresher on Yo? The idea of Yo came from Moshe Hogeg, founder of the image and video sharing app Mobil. Hogeg wanted a simple way to contact his personal assistant according to Or Arbel, co-founder and Chief Executive of Yo. Arbel then created the app in less than a day.

The million dollar investment that made headlines this week came from Hogeg’s angel investment fund.

With all the press this week, Yo went viral. On Wednesday, Yo had about 60,000 users. Yesterday, it had nearly 300,000 according to Hogeg.

The security holes highlight one of the issues sometimes seen in new apps. Security may not be the strongest. To Yo’s credit, they are aware of the issues and are working to resolve them.

What’s in store for Yo in the future? Arbel hopes to add other features including retailers sending fans a ‘Yo’ to alert sales.

Simple? Yes, but the simplest ideas are often the best. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yo becomes the next big messaging app. As long as they patch up the security holes quickly.


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