Ready for some 60fps goodness? For gamers, it’s the holy grail of performance. If your gaming friend is not bemoaning the missed target of 1080p and 60fps, they apparently haven’t turned on a console in a bit.

YouTube is finally giving back to its community of gamers by pushing the 60fps (frames per second) update to its mobile apps. Before you think it’s a shot across the bow of Twitch, this is for playbacks only. Livestreams do not have the feature on mobile, and Google is mum on when the feature will make the leap.

Last year, YouTube turned on 60fps support for videos uploaded October 29 and later. It required using YouTube’s HTML5 player over Flash (the company dropped Flash as a default option in January).

Another piece of good news is the app doesn’t need to be updated. Everything is server-side, so open your app and go.

For an example of how this looks, check out the video below:

If you’re on a desktop, you’ll see the gear icon on the video player controls. Select it and hit 1080p60.

On YouTube’s app, it is actually a bit more intuitive. Same idea, just select the quality you want.

youtube 60fps

youtube 60fps update

The bad news? It is app only. If you’re on a mobile browser or a third-party app, the new function is not available. You’ll need the YouTube app.

Is the update a shot at Twitch? You can make the argument, but until it supports livestreams, it’s more YouTube catching up. Gaming is in its heyday of popularity. E-sports rake in millions every year. YouTube is the 800-pound gorilla of video, yet has barely dipped into this expansive niche.

Twitch is king for tournaments and championships. YouTube finally came around to realizing that fact and the pivot has been extreme to accommodate the ever growing popularity of watching other people play video games.


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