Bad news for those that ignore the update notification on the setting area of your older iPhone. The YouTube app will no longer support iOS 6 and older. You can update your phone to iOS 7, but you’ll probably be tossing it against the wall in disgust within a day.

It isn’t just your old iPhone under fire. Changes in the app’s API mean bad news for older model smart TVs. Models made before 2012 will not have a working YouTube App.

Brands that will see their YouTube App cease working include Panasonic TVs, Sony TVs and Blu-ray Players, second-gen Apple TVs, and televisions running Google TV versions 1 and 2.

If you don’t remember exactly when you bought your TV, this screenshot will let you know if you have a non-compatible Smart TV. Most models released in 2013 or later should be safe from the update.

youtube app upgrade

Workarounds for the YouTube App Update

The iOS fix is easy. Just update your phone. Depending on the age of your iPhone, you may want to think about a new device entirely. Performance issues will set in as you update older phones.

If you are willing to forgo the app, Safari will load YouTube itself, allowing you to binge as much as you want.

For Apple TV, the third-generation will need a platform upgrade. Google TV versions 3 and four will just need to download the latest update from the Google Play store.

Older Smart TV owners? If you need your YouTube fix but are not about to invest in a new TV, there are ways around the update. Your Smart TV browser supports flash/HTML5, so you should be able to load YouTube’s site itself.

The Rise of Smart Dongles

Why pay a premium for baked-in apps you probably aren’t using? This YouTube app upgrade should solidify what you want on a new TV is plenty of HDMI slots and badass picture. Hell, if you want to nix the speakers, I’m using a soundbar anyways.

Devices such as the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire Stick are low investment and give access to all the apps.

$35 for a Chromecast is easier to swallow when it becomes obsolete over a 60-inch HDTV that starts losing compatibility with the latest versions of popular apps.


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