You’ll soon be able to share all of your favorite Xbox One moments on YouTube. In a blog post touting GoPro on Xbox 360, Microsoft announced an update to the YouTube app on Xbox One tomorrow. It will integrate Game DVR and Upload with YouTube.

This feature has been one of the most highly demanded for both systems. The ability to save clips on the PS4 and Xbox One has been a fantastic new feature. Uploading had been previously only allowed on Facebook or Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Microsoft has beaten Sony to the punch with YouTube uploads.

Sony has been working on allowing screenshots and video to be exported onto USB hard drives. I’m sure Sony is working on YouTube uploads.

Despite coming out of the gate with a higher price point and poor PR, Microsoft is doing a solid job righting its ship. Microsoft clearly has an edge over Sony when it comes to updating its software.

Like pretty much everything on the Xbox ecosystem, Xbox Live is required to upload videos to YouTube.

Other updates to the YouTube app include watching YouTube videos in Snap Mode. Handy for watching walkthroughs while playing.

Microsoft also announced the GoPro app will be released on Xbox 360 tomorrow. You’ll be able to check out all the craziness GoPro is known for. Plus, you can purchase GoPro cameras and accessories through the app. Xbox One owners can expect the GoPro app to hit sometime this summer.


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