PUBG Zipline Gun

Zip Lines Go Portable In PUBG Update 29.2 

Erangel Classic will make all the splashy headlines for PUBG’s Update 29.2, but the Rondo map is getting another new piece of gear – the Zipline Gun. Pick two spots, shoot the zipline at both, and reach new places.

According to the developers, ziplines “can be placed on building, terrain, and stationary, indestructible objects.”

The team behind PUBG also explained their thoughts behind the Zipline Gun:

Open up a whole new dimension of map navigation and engagement with Rondo’s latest addition, the Zipline Gun. Locations that were previously difficult to reach can now be infiltrated and ambushed via a zipline deployed at your chosen spot. We hope that the introduction of the Zipline Gun will allow for a broader array of strategies and engagements in Rondo, ultimately enriching the game’s meta with increased diversity.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of its features:

  • Takes the secondary weapon slot.
  • Three-second reload time between shots.
  • Four uses per zipline.
  • Can fire SMGs/handguns while zipping.
  • Travel speeds depend on the slope of the zipline.
  • It can also be deployed vertically to reach higher locations. (see 1:53 in the trailer below)

Update 29.2 also brings back Erangel Classic for a limited time. While the old-school lobby and UI will be heavy with nostalgia, the big changes to recoil have me wondering if the devs are using this to gather data on sweeping changes to the weapon meta before implementing them into the full game.

Horizontal and vertical recoil is seeing a 20-30% decrease across the board for ARs, SMGs, DMRs, LMGs, and Shotguns. The devs will offset the easier-to-control guns with a bump to armor. “All armor performance is increased by 7.5%.” That translates to all guns needing an extra bullet to take out other players. 

It’ll be interesting to see if anything from this limited-time mode makes it to the regular game. It’s a smart move by the devs to test things like lower recoil and better armor without pushing them into the main game. See how the community responds to it in a one-off mode without making controversial changes that could cause an uproar. 

Update 29.2 also brings a fresh map rotation. The good news for folks wanting to try Ernagel Classic is it’ll be a Featured Map during its two-week event. After that, Erangel will rejoin the usual map rotations.