ZNAPS is the Phone Charger You’ve Always Wanted

Technically, the ZNAPS is not a phone charger. It just gives you the phone charger you always wanted. Fans of Apple’s MagSafe adapter will be at home with the Kickstarter campaign. It takes the same principle, makes it better and applies it your phone or tablet.

How many of us have taken the wall charger for a ride when grabbing the phone? Yeah, me too. And my Macbook has been saved countless times thanks to the same tech going into the ZNAPS.

What does it do? It’s an adapter that keeps you from fumbling around in the dark for the charging port, prevents frayed wires and tripping over the cable. I think the company has been in my house and discovered how clumsy I truly am.

The great news about the campaign is it is already funded. If you order, you don’t have to worry about the campaign falling short. The goal was for just over $94,000. With 19 days left, it’s at $1.1 million.

Delivery timeframes are set for December, so just in time for the phone upgrades come Christmas.

ZNAPS Compatibility

While I mentioned Apple’s MagSafe technology, the ZNAPS works with any mobile device. Including the Windows phone owner. Windows phone being shown some love. Android and iOS devices are both compatible with the adapter. You will just need to order the appropriate connector. Micro-USB for Android and Lightning for iOS.

It also supports gaming controllers, so Xbox and PS4 fans can hook the adapter and not worry about dragging a console off the desk when getting up.

One of my favorite features is if you’re in bed and need to charge your phone. The magnetic ZNAPS means you just get close to the phone, and it locks in place with a charging light indicator.

znaps features

How much? The pledge tiers start at $9 for one ZNAPS connector, adapter and your choice of Lightning or Micro-USB.

It’s definitely on my list of wants when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns.

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