Run! Zombie Apocalypse Simulator Urges You to Head for the Hills

zombie apocalypse simulator
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If the world ever goes to hell, you should get out of the city as fast as possible. That’s according to researchers at Cornell University who have created a zombie apocalypse simulator. Yes, you can even create your own simulation.

The takeaway? Run like hell from population centers during a zombie outbreak or any deadly outbreak. Does that guarantee survival? Not at all. In Cornell’s simulation, survivors eventually made it the Rockies to die off more slowly.

Way to be optimistic science. The Atlantic described how the simulation works.

[It] draws data from the 2010 U.S. Census and depends on the SIR model, an epidemiological model sometimes used to predict the spread of real-life infectious diseases like measles and rubella. In the SIR model, individuals are either susceptible (S), infected (I) or recovered or immune (R) from a disease. But with zombies, of course, there’s a bit of a twist: Once a zombie, always a zombie. There are no R’s here.

Luckily, the CDC has confirmed there is no virus that can reanimate the dead or present zombie-like symptoms. They are patiently waiting for the FDA to fast track a drug that accidentally does that one.

Preppers explain the flight from cities during a massive disaster as the ‘Golden Horde.’ Ill-prepared, a mass of people would move out, stripping supplies as they go.

The entire survivalist movement is borne out of this fear. Not of zombies, but of a societal collapse. That’s why you see the reality show, YouTube videos and blogs get millions of viewers.

With a simulation like this, it’s hard to fault them for being prepared. It’s like insurance. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and looking around with nothing.

Besides, who doesn’t want a bunker? One, it protects you against any kind of craziness. Two? It’s a bunker. The ultimate man cave.

The researchers are presenting their study, ‘The Statistical Mechanics of Zombies’ this week, and will prove it is best to hit the northern Rockies if you want any kind of chance.

Be sure to try your hand at destroying the country with their online simulator. The team should have made an app with purchases. Talk about destroy some student loans.

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