Alamo Drafthouse has a special message from Coach Eric Taylor. When the man wants to get you ready for the big movie it’s time to listen up.

That’s right texters. You know who you are. Yes, we can see the glow of that tablet you call a phone over in Dillon, TX. A city that doesn’t exist. That’s how bright your screen is. The things have brightness settings…

Person yammering up front? You seriously couldn’t save that story until you got home. What the hell is so important it can’t wait 2 hours?

The video is a hilarious PSA from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Most know of the location in Austin, but it has venues across the country.

Its core message? They will kick your ass out if caught talking, texting or for the love of God, taking a damn selfie. Yay, you’re at Jurassic World. Everyone else saw it too.

Great video and awesome job getting Kyle Chandler to reprise his role from Friday Night Lights. Damn, I miss that show…


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