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Your one-stop shop for all things video games. Look for the latest gaming news and game reviews on the biggest AAA titles hitting consoles (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo) and PC. Love indie publishers? Our love for Rocket League is known far and wide. Battle Royale’s explosion onto the scene with games like PUBG and Fortnite take up quite a few hours of our day. We are also looking to the upcoming BR offerings from AAA titles like Battlefield V and Call of Duty’s Blackout.

Bookmark News Ledge today for news on the best new video games to hit the market as well as upcoming video games in 2018 and beyond. We stay connected to give you the best coverage out of the biggest conferences including E3, PAX, Tokyo Game Show, Gamescon and others around the world and at home in the United States. And if you haven’t bought Rocket League, you’re seriously missing out on pure fun.