Helldivers 2 automatons

Helldivers 2 Fans Rid The Galaxy of Automatons, But What’s Next?

The mechanized Automatons are no more. Hundreds of thousands of fans were online yesterday as the final planet was liberated. The game’s official Twitter/X account celebrated the accomplishment alongside the community. 

With the Automatons seemingly gone, the fight shifts back towards the Terminids. Here’s where the galaxy map stands now.

So what’s next? Rumors are swirling that the next faction will be The Illuminate. This was a faction from the first game armed with highly advanced technology. Here’s some gameplay of them in action from Helldivers 1 if you want a glimpse of what we could be facing soon.

Datamining also suggests that The Illuminate is coming soon. This same Reddit post from a month ago also mentions weapons we will soon see in next week’s Premium Warbond.

And several clips recently showed mysterious blue lasers flying across the battlefields.

The studio’s CEO jumped on Twitter at the time and had some fun by saying the “blue beams aren’t real, it can’t hurt you.”

I imagine we won’t be waiting long for whatever comes next. The team at Arrowhead Game Studios is prepping the release of new weapons next week with the release of the Democratic Detonation Warbond. What better way to test out new weapons than against a new enemy? For now, it’ll only be the Terminids on the receiving end of Managed Democracy.