Two brothers giving New Media a big ass hug. Group hugs? We can do that…

Welcome to News Ledge, our little piece of the Internet. In case the intro didn’t give it away, we are two brothers running the site and its offshoots.

What can you find on News Ledge? Coverage runs the range of interesting, fun, slightly weird topics to the news you have to know. Can we cover everything? Nope. Plus, we don’t want to. The Internet is a big place. While we have an array of interests, there are some things we just shrug at.

The idea behind the site is to be conversational. It’ll be light and fun when the topic demands it, and serious and in-depth when needed. You will not have to worry about us being an uptight operation. We’re not uptight in person, so why act like it on the Internet?

We want News Ledge to be personal. You’ll see a series of articles that meld our various journeys into the topic. No talking at you like other sites. Instead, we will be talking with you and joining you on the ride.

If you want to talk to us, email or leave a comment. Email is the quickest way. We stay tethered to smartphones like everyone else. Holy hell, we hope the conspiracy theories about cell phone radiation are BS…

You can use our contact page, or just use [email protected] or [email protected]


Alex and Marcus Chavers. If you ever get us on the phone together, good luck at telling us apart. Our parents have issues, so have fun.

Alex is the youngest at 37, while Marcus is well on his way toward his midlife crisis at 40.

If it’s in space or uses a joystick, Alex will cover it. Lifestyle topics? Marcus will be typing away in that arena. Breaking news is whoever is first to the computer.

At the core, News Ledge is designed to be a fun site. Videos. Images. Long and short-form content. Essentially, anything that strikes us as incredible will make its way onto the site.

The future of News Ledge? Good lord, if you could see the to-do lists… It’s getting absurd. Expect podcasts, video content and more in the coming months.

Be sure to get in touch with us about any ideas or tips or just to say hi. We’ll say hi back. Call it southern hospitality, or just not being an ass.